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This is nota object show made in flash. It is a fanfic with the following contestants which are OCs of Me,Loveh, UhohSpaghettiohs and Respecttthedisney5 and Idyemyhairpink33.

They are Video, Sandwich, Liberty Torch, Plastic Bottle, Dynamite, Fruit Can, Airhorn, Ace, Hammer, Fly Swatter, Marble, Racket, Bar Chart, Compass, Arrow, Pyramid, Shopping Cart, Staff, T.V., Colored Pencil, Metal, Broken Plate, Fridge, Bottle Opener, Window, Plate, Satellite, Planet, Stop Sign, Globey, Trashcan, Skull, Moonshine, Car Wheel, Surveillance Camera, Syringe, Yoga Ball, Cross, Baby Milk, Orca, Duck, Bowling Ball, Net, Atom, Cereal Box, Bottle Cap and Board.

Media:Example.ogg==Current Rankings==

44th - Dynamite - For being very hot-headed

43rd - Duck - For not being an object

42nd - Liberty Torch - Unknown

41st - Baby Milk - Team Awesome Faces first lost. Voted out for being very braindead

40th - Stop Sign - Unknown

39th - Broken Plate - For being a jerk

38th - Orca - Same reason as Duck\being annoying

37th - Planet - For his pessimistic nature, though he was well liked

36th - Atom - For making Planet up for elimination and indirectly causing him to be eliminated.

--Liberty Torch Rejoins--

35th - Fridge - Cross was going to be eliminated, but he used an IT, saving himself and Fridge, with the 2nd most votes, is eliminated.

34th - Bowling Ball - For being a jerk

33rd - Fly Swatter - Unknown

32nd - Syringe - People found him to be too stuck-up.

31st - Ace - He used Skull for the Skull Diving challenge.

30th - Cross - He was framed for casting a lightning spell and killing Window.

29th - Net - People were fed up of him slapping others all the time.

28th - Satellite - For being a bossy bot. Board also picked her to be up for elimination (along with Arrow, Shopping Cart and Moonshine) after he won the challenge

27th - Skull - Moonshine chose her to be eliminated.

26th - Pyramid - Voted off by eliminated contestants so that he can reunite with Fridge.

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