The 1st episode of Object Awesomeness! This introduces all the characters and the host Bowtie. The first challenge is a race!


Bowtie announces the challenge which is to race and not be up for elimination. He announces the challenge and it starts

Moonshine shoves Broken Plate and shatters him, easily getting first. Satellite reaches 2nd and MP gets 3rd. The cast start running faster and Trashcan and Video make it 4th and 5th respectively.

After several characters cross the finish line, Bowtie reveals these 5 contestants up for elimination, they are Baby Milk, Microwave, Airhorn, Fridge and Dynamite. Soon the mentioned contestants are shown in a confessional booth where they beg the viewers to vote off someone else and keep them safe. Here they are.


Airhorn: Im up for elimination?!! NOO! Please dont vote me off and vote off that evil Dynamite!

Baby Milk: Hurrrr durrrrrr urrrrr hhuuurrrr

Dynamite: You bettter not vote for me! Or I'll CRUSH you! Better vote off that braindead Baby Milk!

Fridge: Please dont vote me off because of my size! Please get rid of that Dynamite!

Mircrowave: Cmon guys. I need a chance at this, vote off Baby Milk!